The Brush Lettering Course
The Brush Lettering Course
The Brush Lettering Course
The Brush Lettering Course
The Brush Lettering Course
The Brush Lettering Course
The Brush Lettering Course

The Brush Lettering Course

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This course designed specifically for mamas to learn Brush Lettering in 21 Days. In this course you’ll learn brush lettering fundamentals, how to create basic strokes, lowercase letters and how to connect letters to make words. The course will start January 21, 2021.

What's included in the course
  • 16 instructional lettering videos 
  • 55 page workbook 
  • Practice sheets for basic strokes, letters and more
  • Personalized feedback on five assignments 
  • Access to the private 21-day FB group 
  • Two bonus lessons on uppercase letters and styles 
    This is for you if
    • You want to learn a new and fun skill
    • You’re looking for a creative outlet
    • You need some YOU time
    • You want to connect with other moms
    • You’re looking for a way to practice mindfulness

    How The Course Works 

    The Schedule

    Each day there will be a few tasks for you to complete, they may be videos to watch or practice to do. By the end of 21 days you will have completed the course and know brush lettering.

    The Supplies 

    Don’t stress about the supplies. I have a complete and easy list for you to follow with all the supplies that you will need. The only things you really need are a brush pen and some paper.

    The Course Platform

    You’ll be able to access all of the lessons and workbook from Thinkific. You’ll upload your lettering assignments to the private Facebook Group where you will recieve personalized feedback.

    The Facebook Group

    In the private Facebook Group you can ask questions, share your work, get personalized feedback from me and receive daily reminders to help you complete the entire course in 21 days.

    The Timeline

    This course will officially start on Thursday, January 21, 2021 and run through Wednesday, February 10, 2021. But you will have access to the course material indefinitely. 

    The Transformation

    You’re going to be surprised by your progress with this course! Not only is your lettering going to drastically improve, you’re going to feel better as a mom for taking time to focus on YOU. I can't wait to see your growth!

    Benefits of The Brush Lettering Course

    YOU Time

    You work all day and give to all those around you. Take some time to do something YOU want to do. Lettering can be your self-care, your “YOU time”!

    A Way to Practice Mindfulness

    Lettering is a great way for you to practice mindfulness and connect with God. It can help you to feel more centered and at peace with your motherhood journey. 

    A Creative Outlet

    As a mom sometimes you NEED a creative outlet. Having kids is hard work and it’s nice to do something new and fun. This course will stretch your creative muscles in a different way than your normal mom routine. 

    Community of Mamas

    Finding other moms to relate to can be hard. Connect with other moms who are also learning lettering in the private Brush Lettering Course Facebook Group.

    What past students are saying

    "I have always wanted to try lettering and this course gave me the structure and confidence I needed." - Cassie

    "To be honest, this course helped me have some ME time. I loved the course because lettering has always been something I've been interested in learning." - Amy 

    "Betsy was great - kind, calm, reassuring and positive. The materials were great and I really liked the course." - Momi 

    "This course was very thorough with the technical aspects of lettering." - Lauren

    Hi, I'm Betsy 

    My Story

    I’m a mama, wife, letterer and the creator of The Brush Lettering Course. To say I’m obsessed with lettering is an understatement. I learned lettering as a new mom as a way to combat postpartum anxiety and it quickly became my creative outlet and “me-time”. It became something I looked forward to each day. It has helped me find fulfillment. I want to share the joy that lettering has brought to my life with all mamas, especially YOU!

    My Qualifications

    I have been lettering professionally for 3+ years, but I've been a lifetime dabbler in all things lettering.

    I have learned through workshops and classes from several amazing lettering artists including:

    Martina Flor of @martinaflor
    Melissa Esplin of @melissapher
    Haley Barry of @typeaffiliated
    Kimberly Shrack of @hooplaletters

    Have more questions? You can read more about the course (including FAQs) here