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Choose 3 Prints + Wood Stand
Choose 3 Prints + Wood Stand
Choose 3 Prints + Wood Stand
Choose 3 Prints + Wood Stand
Choose 3 Prints + Wood Stand
Choose 3 Prints + Wood Stand
Choose 3 Prints + Wood Stand

Choose 3 Prints + Wood Stand

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Three 5”x7” hand lettered prints with wood display stand

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5”x7” prints of original hand lettered art on front with a letter from a fellow mama on back. Printed on 100# white card stock. Due to the many variations of monitors/browsers, the colors of these prints may differ in person from what is seen digitally. Printed in the USA.   

Wood stand  
Wood stands come in two colors: Dark Walnut or Farmhouse White. Dark Walnut is a wood stain finish. Farmhouse white is a rustic paint finish. Wood display stands are made from pine, sanded, stained and painted by hand. Due to the artisanal nature each wood stand is unique and imperfections are inherent in the design.

1. You are enough print
Excerpt: “After 3 years I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve felt like I wasn’t good enough. Most days I feel like I failed… I learned that by letting go of what I thought was “perfect,” I found perfection in the life I have now.

2. Be still and know that I am God print
Excerpt: “My last pregnancy was very traumatic. I was told at my 20-week ultrasound that there was a high chance that I would die along with my child…God is always there and knows us so well. He knows YOU and He knows exactly how to comfort you.

3. Grace print
Excerpt: “Motherhood is hard. God does not want you to go through it alone. Allow Him to give you strength beyond your own capacities.” 

4. You can do it print
Excerpt: “I remember walking from my car into the NICU one-night last December…I thought about my sick, premature baby waiting for me inside, and kept walking. It was new and it was hard.

5. You are amazing print
Excerpt: “Know that you aren't alone, and that you are the most perfect mom for your little baby. You are amazing, you are enough, and you are strong.”

6. You can do hard things print
Excerpt: “It’s hard to have another human completely depend on you. It’s hard to be patient, when they are pushing you beyond your limits. It can be hard to love them at times. But the one thing I’ve learned is that you can do this.”

7. You are not alone print
Excerpt: “I thought I knew it all, but I started experiencing something different this time. I felt overwhelmed. I felt like crying all the timeI went to my therapist and she told me I was experiencing postpartum depression. She said to ask for help.”

8. Leave the dishes, take a nap! print
Excerpt: “After the birth of my first child I subconsciously felt as if I needed to prove myself to others…Oh, how I wish I could have seen the correlation between sleep and my mental health.”

9. You are loved print
Excerpt: “Most of the day I had kept it together, just kept on pushing through. Doing what needed to be done. I barely made it out of the driveway before I burst into tears. As I was driving, I was thinking, who can I call? I should talk to someone. But I didn’t know who.”

10. Keep going mama print
Excerpt: “Keep going, mama. You can do it! You can do it in this second, in this minute, in this hour. Just keep going. I promise it will be worth it.”

11. Trust your intuition print
Excerpt: “Motherhood is hard but rewarding, stressful, yet joyful. It can be depleting and demanding, but that is part of what makes it so fulfilling.”

12. Trust in God print
Excerpt: “Have confidence in yourself. Have confidence in your abilities and natural instincts to be the mom your baby needs. God has given you a divine nature that helps you know how to take care of your family. Trust in your divine nature and trust in God.”

13. You got this print
Excerpt: “I know it’s hard. I know it’s overwhelming. I know you feel like you can’t do it anymore. It’s okay. I’ve been there too.”

14. You are brave print
Excerpt: “We had never had struggles with getting pregnant before…I was constantly worried about not being able to get pregnant…Finally, with the help of my husband and being able to share my feelings with friends battling the same thing, the suffocated feelings I had locked away started to release.

15. I love you mama print
Excerpt: “When I brought home my second baby, I had all kinds of feelings. A lot of excitement, but most predominant was worry. Can I really do this? How can I take care of two children?”

16. Your best is enough print
Excerpt: “Being a mom is a thankless job. If you don’t already know that, you will soon…In case you didn’t hear the first time: you are enough. What you are doing, who you are, you are enough.”

17. The clouds will part print
Excerpt: “Postpartum is a time of huge changes for you and your entire familyThe clouds—which seemed like they would consume me at any second for almost a year—had finally parted.” 

18. It's okay to cry print
Excerpt: “It’s okay to show emotion! It’s okay to cry! It’s okay to be frustrated! It’s okay to not be perfect!”

19. Heaven is cheering print
Excerpt: “Keep Loving. Keep trying. Keep trusting. Keep believing. Keep growing. Heaven is cheering you on today, tomorrow, and forever.”

20. God wants you to be happy print
Excerpt: “God wants us to be happy; to love our babies and our lives. He didn’t make you a mom just so you can feel sad, tired and lonely all the time. You are meant to reach out. Seek help so that one day you can be the help that someone else seeks.” 

21. Feelings matter print
Excerpt: “In reality, feelings matter. Big or small they are important. No matter your experience with being a mother please know that your feelings are valid. Your feelings matter.”

22. Hope print
Excerpt: “Our fourth child and daughter, Angela, was born and lived only a few days. The hardest thing for me was that people did not and would not talk to me about my lossAfter 34 years, I can truly say that my heart has healed through time and a forward-looking perspective.”

23. There is no right way to be a mother print
Excerpt: “Don't let the judgement and pressures of others and society make you feel like being a working mom is a bad thing. It's ok to be a working mom, admirable even, just as admirable as being a stay-at-home mom.”

24. Find the joy in motherhood print
Excerpt: Motherhood is something that I have always wanted, always dreamed of. However, I never realized just how hard and demanding it would be for me…I started the habit, each day, to reflect on my day and write down my joys in motherhood that I witnessed that day.

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