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Article: How to make a decoupage and wax seal Easter egg

How to make a decoupage and wax seal Easter egg

Easter is a just a few weeks away, I can't even believe it!! But there is still time to do some fun Easter crafting before then! 

These little eggs are a perfect little addition to your Easter decor, plus so easy and they have WAX SEALS!!

Watch the full YouTube tutorial here:

Supplies you'll need:

Wooden Craft Eggs | Modge Podge glue | Paint brush | Napkin with printed design | Crystal Clear Hot Glue | Wax Seal Mini Stamps | Low temp glue gun | Krylon Gold Leafing Pen 

How to make them: 

First remove the bottom layer from your napkin. You’ll only need the top layer. Cut out the portions of the design that you’d like to use. Then use a paintbrush to add some modge podge to the egg. Place the napkin piece and gently press it against the glue. Then add another layer of  modge podge to hold it in place. Modge podge will dry clear so don’t worry about it being white right when you put it on. 

I did my eggs in sections. So I did one side completely and the did the other side. You can also use a blow dryer on the cool setting to speed up the drying time of the eggs. 

Now you’ll want to add the wax seals. First plug in your low-temp glue gun. While it is heating up, place your stamp on an ice pack to start cooling. This is a super important step. If the metal of the stamp is cold, it won’t stick to the glue. 

When the glue is warm, pour a small amount onto the egg and press it with the cold wax seal stamp. Allow 30-60 seconds to cool and then remove the stamp from the egg. Repeat this for as many seals as you’d like to add to your egg. If you’d like to add little glue dots to your egg, just do a small pour directly onto the egg and let it cool before tilting or tipping it. 

The last step is to color the edge of the seals and the dots with a Kyrlon Gold leafing pen. Make sure to allow it plenty of time to dry before touching it. 

That’s it!! It’s a super fun and easy project to make some cute easter decor! 

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