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Hi there, I'm betsy

I'm a designer by day and wax seal & lettering artist by night. 

I’m also the creator of B Goods Lettering which includes this online marketplace and two subscription boxes: The Lettering Box and The Wax Seal Club.

I started lettering over six years ago. It started as a creative outlet to help me deal with postpartum anxiety. I quickly started lettering on everything. Labels, gift tags, party decor, cards, gift wrapping. I loved adding my lettering to things I was already making and using. 

About a year after starting, I wanted to take lettering more seriously and started an Instagram account. My goal was to letter something everyday and post it (no matter if I thought it was good or not). I knew if I wanted to get better at lettering I just needed to start doing it everyday and Instagram was my way of being accountable. 

I started taking workshops, courses and reading books to learn as much as I could about lettering. The more I did it, the more I loved it. I even started teaching my own lettering workshops locally and realized I really love teaching. 

Fast forward another year and I had created an online brush lettering course. After going through the course with a group of amazing students, I started to think more about the process of learning lettering. Every workshop I had attended started with practice sheets and ended with practice sheets. All I did at workshops was practice. And even in my course the end result was practice. 

I got thinking back to how I learned lettering and how I fell in love with it. I loved it because I was creating something. I got to learn and improve my lettering WHILE creating something I could actually use. 

I wondered if other people would want to learn lettering that way too. So I decided to try a one time Valentines Lettering Box. I made five boxes and tried to sell them. Two weeks later I had sold the five boxes. 

I decided to make a spring box and this time I added in some wax seals and I sold 17 boxes. I knew I was onto something and decided to launch The Lettering Box later that fall. It is continuing to grow with over 400+ box subscribers.

Then in 2023 I started The Wax Seal Box. An every-other month subscription for wax seal lovers and crafters. This box has taken off and has over 500+ box subscribers! I love providing wax seal makers with quality products and supplies.

After all these years, I still love lettering and wax seal making! I’m looking forward to opening my Wax Seal Club Community in the fall of 2024! It is a digital subscription offering a host of community-oriented benefits for wax seal lovers. Get access to tutorials, live make-alongs, monthly printables to use with seals, exclusive discounts, and so much more each month. 

Thank YOU for being here and supporting my business!