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Article: Trust Your Intuition

Trust Your Intuition

Do you think mothers intuition is real?

For me, I believe God has given us moms an extra awareness (aka intuition) and gives us additional guidance so we can best help our children.

I was reading an experience that my grandma had written and it just reinforced to me that mothers intuition is real and always has been. Here’s the story taken from her journal entry written February 4, 1988.

Trust Your Intuition Dear Mama Print - From B Goods Lettering

“When I took Betty down to the Dr. for her six week check-up, he told me she had a murmur in her heart and when she got about five years old, we should take her and have it checked out. But the Dr. would not do anything about it before then as she was too little. 

One day when she was about 18 months old, I was playing with her and put her up in the kitchen window and had her jump into my arms.  As I put her into the window, I put my ear to her little heart and it sounded so funny.  When Dad and Charles came home I had them listen and we decided we better have it checked. 

We called a Dr. we had been friends with in Rapid City and asked him to get us an appointment with a heart Dr. He did and we took her right down to Utah and had her checked out. It was at the University of Utah Hospital. They had all these young students that were studying to be doctors all around that poor little girl. The main Dr. told us he would not want to send her home all the way to South Dakota without taking care of it; as she was in really good health now and if she had an attack it would weaken her. 

So we did not even take her out of the hospital. They operated on her, what a long ordeal that was, but she came out of it just fine and we took her home in a week. We had to take her down every year for a check up till she was about 7 years old and then he released her and said she was just fine. What a blessing that was and [I] know it was through the Spirit of the Lord that we took her when we did.”

I’d love to hear your experiences with mothers intuition, whether big or small. Comment below. 

Trust Your Intuition Dear Mama Print - From B Goods Lettering

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