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Blank Round Wax StampBlank Round Wax Stamp
Blank Round Wax Stamp Sale price$15.00
Frame No. 1 Wax Seal StampFrame No. 1 Wax Seal Stamp
Happy Mail Enclosed Wax StampHappy Mail Enclosed Wax Stamp
Mini Heart & Bow Wax Seal StampMini Heart & Bow Wax Seal Stamp
Initial Calligraphy Wax Seal Stamps (A-Z)Initial Calligraphy Wax Seal Stamps (A-Z)
Rosemary Wax StampRosemary Wax Stamp
Rosemary Wax Stamp Sale price$20.00
Thank You Wax StampThank You Wax Stamp
Thank You Wax Stamp Sale price$20.00
Oval Frame No. 1 Wax StampOval Frame No. 1 Wax Stamp
Heart Wax Seal StampHeart Wax Seal Stamp
Blank Square Wax StampBlank Square Wax Stamp
Blank Square Wax Stamp Sale price$15.00
Jane Austen Wax StampJane Austen Wax Stamp
Jane Austen Wax Stamp Sale price$25.00
With Love Wax StampWith Love Wax Stamp
With Love Wax Stamp Sale price$20.00
Frame No. 5 Wax Seal StampFrame No. 5 Wax Seal Stamp
Mini Rainbow & Shamrock Wax Seal StampMini Rainbow & Shamrock Wax Seal Stamp
Dandelion Wax StampDandelion Wax Stamp
Dandelion Wax Stamp Sale price$20.00
Wild Grass Wax StampWild Grass Wax Stamp
Wild Grass Wax Stamp Sale price$20.00
Bloom Wax StampBloom Wax Stamp
Bloom Wax Stamp Sale price$20.00
Oval Frame No. 2 Wax StampOval Frame No. 2 Wax Stamp
Hand Made Wax StampHand Made Wax Stamp
Hand Made Wax Stamp Sale price$20.00
Sold outLOVE Wax StampLOVE Wax Stamp
LOVE Wax Stamp Sale price$20.00
Christmas Village Wax Seal StampChristmas Village Wax Seal Stamp
Oval Frame No. 3 Wax StampOval Frame No. 3 Wax Stamp
Oval Daisy Wax Seal StampOval Daisy Wax Seal Stamp
Oval Daisy Wax Seal Stamp Sale price$25.00
Rose Garden Wax Stamp (3-D)Rose Garden Wax Stamp (3-D)
Love Note Wax StampLove Note Wax Stamp
Love Note Wax Stamp Sale price$20.00
Snowglobe Wax Seal StampSnowglobe Wax Seal Stamp
Snowglobe Wax Seal Stamp Sale price$20.00
Dancing Butterflies Wax Seal Stamp (3D)Dancing Butterflies Wax Seal Stamp (3D)
Frame No. 2 Wax Seal StampFrame No. 2 Wax Seal Stamp
Daisy Wax StampDaisy Wax Stamp
Daisy Wax Stamp Sale price$20.00
Snowflakes Wax Seal StampSnowflakes Wax Seal Stamp
Snowflakes Wax Seal Stamp Sale price$20.00
Poppy Wax Stamp
Poppy Wax Stamp Sale price$20.00
Sunflower Wax StampSunflower Wax Stamp
Sunflower Wax Stamp Sale price$20.00
Heart Balloons Wax Stamp (3-D)Heart Balloons Wax Stamp (3-D)
Fir Tree Wax Seal StampFir Tree Wax Seal Stamp
Fir Tree Wax Seal Stamp Sale price$20.00
Sold outOval Frame No. 4 Wax StampOval Frame No. 4 Wax Stamp
Blank Oblong Wax StampBlank Oblong Wax Stamp
Blank Oblong Wax Stamp Sale price$15.00
Frame No. 4 Wax Seal StampFrame No. 4 Wax Seal Stamp
Bow Wax StampBow Wax Stamp
Bow Wax Stamp Sale price$20.00
Ornament Wax Seal StampOrnament Wax Seal Stamp
Ornament Wax Seal Stamp Sale price$15.00
Blank Hexagon Wax StampBlank Hexagon Wax Stamp
Blank Hexagon Wax Stamp Sale price$15.00
Pinecone Wax Seal Stamp (3-D)Pinecone Wax Seal Stamp (3-D)
Blank Oval Wax StampBlank Oval Wax Stamp
Blank Oval Wax Stamp Sale price$15.00
Merry Christmas Wax Seal StampMerry Christmas Wax Seal Stamp
Oval Fern Wax Seal StampOval Fern Wax Seal Stamp
Sold outLarge Merry Christmas Wax Seal StampLarge Merry Christmas Wax Seal Stamp
Ginkgo Leaves Wax StampGinkgo Leaves Wax Stamp
Ginkgo Leaves Wax Stamp Sale price$20.00
Vintage Roses Wax Seal StampVintage Roses Wax Seal Stamp
Sold outBlank Rectangle Wax StampBlank Rectangle Wax Stamp
Blank Rectangle Wax Stamp Sale price$15.00