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Article: Dear Mama Customer Experience

Dear Mama Customer Experience

Today I want to talk about a customer of mine who had an amazing result. M purchased a set of Dear Mama prints for her friend who is a new mama.

The result was that this new mama felt loved. Which is something ALL new mamas need to be feeling right now!

Dear Mama Print Customer Experience

Here’s what M had to say about her experience, “I love this product. Usually the babies are showered before they’re born and have plenty of things they need. I love that there is finally a product I can give to the mothers!! Sometimes I feel like new moms are overlooked in the postpartum period, I love that I can order these for new moms and drop them off a few weeks after she’s given birth to give her a pick me up.”

The reasons M had such amazing results:

  • She took the time to check in on her mama friend. New mamas need support now more than ever. If you have a friend that is a new mom, give her a call, send a text, see how she is doing.
  • She chose to send a gift that was for mom, not baby. Sometimes mamas can get pushed to the background when a new baby arrives. We need to remember that when a baby is born a mama is born too.
  • She sent something that was unexpected and beautiful to really help this new mama feel loved.

Dear Mama Prints

Thank you M for purchasing a set of Dear Mama prints

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