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Article: My Top 3 Instagram Tips for Lettering Artists

My Top 3 Instagram Tips for Lettering Artists

To be honest Instagram used to stress me out. Constantly worry about the numbers and engagement can be exhausting. These tips helped take the stress out of IG for me, let’s dive in.

1. Be less selective about what you post.

Many of us creative types tend to be perfectionists, especially when it comes to our artwork. That is me for sure! I used to spend several hours on one drawing getting it just right and then post it once and be done. But it just wasn’t sustainable. So what to do instead? Post the final piece, the final piece in a mock-up, detail closeup, process photos or videos, sketches, or behind the scenes. That one piece of artwork could get you up to 7 potential posts. Spread them out over time and you’ve got a weeks worth of posts. People don’t want to see perfect, that want real. So give them the sketches the unfinished, the imperfect. Letting go of perfection has taken the the stress out of posting.

2. Mock it up. 

Out of ideas of how to show your work? I’ve been there. I used to stress about where I was going to take pictures of my work. Why not mock it up? Instead of just showing the artwork. Show where the artwork could live. Is it framed on a wall? On a piece of clothing? On a card with an envelope in the background? A mural? You can get free mockup templates online that can take your work up a level. This is something I’m still working on, but putting your artwork on an actual “thing” brings it to life.

3. Be consistent.

The IG algorithm responds well to consistent posting. The more consistent you can be the better. That doesn’t mean you have to post everyday, just choose what works for you. Everyday, a few times a week, choose what is sustainable for you to do over time and stick to it. Your posting schedule shouldn’t be causing you to stress. If it is, cut back. Post a little less often. You just need to figure out what is best for you and then be consistent with it.


30 Instagram Posts for Lettering Artists

Have you ever sat down to post on Instagram and your mind goes blank? Girl, you are not alone! It can be so hard to think of what to post and say to your audience. This is why I created 30 Instagram Posts for Lettering Artists. Use these ideas for your posts, or to get your creative juices flowing. Get the list now!

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