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The best glue guns to make wax seals

I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite glue gun options. I’ve found the brand doesn’t matter too much as long as it is low-temperature or has a low temperature option.    Surebonder dual temp glue gun  Pro: I have a handful of these and I love them. I haven’t had any issues with them.  Price: $10 Where to purchase (Walmart): https://www.walmart.com/ip/Surebonder-Full-Size-Dual-Temperature-Hot-Melt-Glue-Gun/870381 Surebonder dual temp CORDLESS glue gun  Pro: Cordless, easier to transport and work with anywhere Price: 17.99  Where to purchase (Michaels): https://www.michaels.com/product/dual-temp-full-size-cordless-hot-glue-gun-D589985S  B Goods low-temp glue gun Pro: I love the color.  Con: The stand isn’t as stable as other glue guns.  Price: $15 Where to purchase (B Goods Lettering): https://bgoodslettering.com/collections/accessories/products/low-temperature-sealing-wax-gun  Adtech dual temp glue gun...

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