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Article: The "WHY" Behind The Lettering Box

The Lettering Box

The "WHY" Behind The Lettering Box

The idea for The Lettering Box came at the end of 2020. I had just finished teaching my Brush Lettering Course (psst. That’s going to be open again in October), and I was thinking, “wouldn’t it be fun to help people learn lettering by making things they can actually use?”

The Lettering Box

The traditional way to learn lettering is to practice. And practice and practice 😅 It totally works and is very effective. Heck, that’s how I learned and how I often teach beginners. But what if you could learn while you are creating AND actually use the things you’re creating? Sounds like a bit more fun right? 

So I put together my first box. A Valentine’s Lettering Box. Then a Spring Lettering Box. And because you all are amazing, they both sold out! I knew I wanted to make even more boxes!

The Lettering Box

The Lettering Box will help you learn and improve your lettering WHILE you create something beautiful that you can use and share with others!  

Want to get early-access to the box? Sign up here 

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