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Article: Three reasons you should start teaching workshops

Three reasons you should start teaching workshops

Have you ever thought about teaching a workshop, but haven’t actually done it yet? Well, here are three reasons why you should get started!  

Three Reasons You Should Start Teaching Workshops

1. It adds another revenue stream to your business 

Adding workshops to your business model can add another stream of revenue. Not only is it nice to have the extra income, but it can help prepare you in case other areas of your business aren’t doing well. 

2. People are craving connection and experiences

Now more than ever people are craving connection and experiences. After a full-year + of lockdowns people are ready to connect and interact. 

3. It can result in future opportunities 

Teaching workshops can lead to many future business opportunities. I was able to teach a private workshop with an organization here in SLC, just because they saw a post I did about another workshop. You also meet some amazing people in each an every workshop and if those people have good experiences, they want to keep learning more from you. 

If you’re thinking about teaching workshops, you should do it. There’s so much good it can bring to you and your business! 

I’d love to hear if you’re thinking about teaching a workshop! Let me know in the comments!

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