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The Summer 2024 Collection

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Beginner Wax Seal KitBeginner Wax Seal Kit
Beginner Flower Wax Seal KitBeginner Flower Wax Seal Kit
Beach Wax StampBeach Wax Stamp
Beach Wax Stamp Sale price$20.00
Peony Bloom Wax Seal StampPeony Bloom Wax Seal Stamp
Peach Sealing Wax SticksPeach Sealing Wax Sticks
Peach Sealing Wax Sticks Sale price$10.00
Dusty Blue Sealing Wax SticksDusty Blue Sealing Wax Sticks
Tulips Wax StampTulips Wax Stamp
Tulips Wax Stamp Sale price$20.00
Vanilla Blush Sealing Wax SticksVanilla Blush Sealing Wax Sticks
Fern Postage Wax StampFern Postage Wax Stamp
Fern Postage Wax Stamp Sale price$20.00
Azure Blue Sealing Wax SticksAzure Blue Sealing Wax Sticks
Magnolia Wax Stamp (3-D)Magnolia Wax Stamp (3-D)
Magnolia Wax Stamp (3-D) Sale price$25.00
Blush Pink Sealing Wax SticksBlush Pink Sealing Wax Sticks
Flower Lei Wax StampFlower Lei Wax Stamp
Flower Lei Wax Stamp Sale price$20.00
Lemon Yellow Sealing Wax SticksLemon Yellow Sealing Wax Sticks
Spring Blossoms Wax Seal Stamp (3D)Spring Blossoms Wax Seal Stamp (3D)
Dusty Pink Sealing Wax SticksDusty Pink Sealing Wax Sticks
Bee Wax StampBee Wax Stamp
Bee Wax Stamp Sale price$20.00
Ocean Sunset Wax StampOcean Sunset Wax Stamp
Ocean Sunset Wax Stamp Sale price$20.00
Light Yellow Sealing Wax SticksLight Yellow Sealing Wax Sticks
Lighthouse Wax StampLighthouse Wax Stamp
Lighthouse Wax Stamp Sale price$20.00
Calypso Sealing Wax SticksCalypso Sealing Wax Sticks
Shell Wax StampShell Wax Stamp
Shell Wax Stamp Sale price$20.00
English Lavender Sealing Wax SticksEnglish Lavender Sealing Wax Sticks
Summer Sprig Wax StampSummer Sprig Wax Stamp
Summer Sprig Wax Stamp Sale price$20.00
Lily of The Valley Wax Seal StampLily of The Valley Wax Seal Stamp
Spring Garden Wax Seal StampSpring Garden Wax Seal Stamp
Sea Foam Sealing Wax SticksSea Foam Sealing Wax Sticks
Summer Bouquet Wax StampSummer Bouquet Wax Stamp
Summer Bouquet Wax Stamp Sale price$20.00
Moon and Stars Wax StampMoon and Stars Wax Stamp
Moon and Stars Wax Stamp Sale price$20.00
Bubble Gum Pink Sealing Wax SticksBubble Gum Pink Sealing Wax Sticks
Daisy Wax StampDaisy Wax Stamp
Daisy Wax Stamp Sale price$20.00