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Article: Advocate for yourself mama!

Advocate for yourself mama!

It’s been a year and a few weeks since my second son was born. There’s one thing I keep thinking about that I want all expecting mothers to know: YOU HAVE TO ADVOCATE FOR YOURSELF.

My baby was born one week past his due date (41 weeks gestation). I was planning on a non-medicated birth. As early as 37 weeks my doctor was pushing me to schedule an induction. I said I’d like to wait for labor to start on its own. With each appointment she got more adamant that I be induced and I kept saying that was not what I wanted to do. It got to the point that I would leave my appointments in tears. I was so frustrated, I didn’t feel like I was being heard. But more than just making me cry, I started to doubt myself and my body. That maybe my body didn’t know when the baby was ready. Maybe my body didn’t know how to give birth. Maybe I couldn’t actually do this. It really did a number on my mindset toward birth and my own body.

Advocate for yourself

At my last appointment, my doctor said she would not allow me to go past 41 weeks without being induced. It was scheduled even though it was not what I wanted. The night before I was scheduled I started labor. My baby was born the next day.

For any expecting or someday mamas, you have to advocate for yourself. This is YOUR body, YOUR baby, YOUR birth. You can take guidance from a doctor, but you need to follow your own gut and make your own decisions. I wish I would have spoken up more, been willing to face confrontation or changed doctors. Advocate for yourself mama!

You have to advocate for yourself. This is YOUR baby, YOUR body, YOUR birth

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