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Article: Brush Lettering Guideline Terminology

Brush Lettering Guideline Terminology

I’ve shared this before, but when I started lettering I just jumped right in. I didn’t take a class or read a book. I just looked at peoples styles and mimicked their letters. This was fine for a while, until I wanted to develop a personal style. It was then I realized that I would need some basic knowledge about letter forms and lettering to be able to do that.

One of the first things I learned about are guides. Now I love using them!! Anyone else a major fan?? So let’s talk about what makes up basic guides (video below that walks you through it):

✍🏼 The Baseline: The line that all letters sit and start on.

✍🏼 The Waistline (also called the x-height): The middle guideline. Most lowercase letters fit within the space. (The exceptions: “r” and “s”).

✍🏼 The Ascender line: The height at which ascenders go above the waistline.

✍🏼 The Descender line: The height at which descenders go below the baseline.



What will guides do for you? They will help You keep a straight baseline, they will help you have more consistent spacing and they will help you keep your letter mother shapes consistent.

Brush Lettering Terminology - All About Guides

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