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Article: Wax Seal Wednesday featuring Blank Stamps

Wax Seal Tips

Wax Seal Wednesday featuring Blank Stamps

Happy Wax Seal Wednesday! 
Welcome to a new blog series that I've been dreaming of starting for a long time! It's called Wax Seal Wednesdays!
Each week I will highlight one product (most often a wax seal stamp) and show you the stamp as well as the finished seal made with the stamp. My hope is that these blog posts will spark ideas for different techniques or styles that you can use to make seals and help you find the perfect seals for your collection! 
This week's highlight is a blank wax seal stamp.
Blank wax seal stamp from
Okay… you might be thinking a blank stamp? Really? And the answer is yes! I love blank stamps! I use them most for flower seals like these, but I also like using them to make hot glue seals and really show off the paper. There really are a lot of options with blank stamps! (Here's a series I did featuring a blank stamp for Halloween last year if you need some ideas of the types of techniques you could do with a blank stamp). 
If you've never made pressed flower seals, now is the time to start!
Pressed flower wax seals made with a blank wax seal stamp
These are my most favorite ever to make!! Here's a quick tutorial for how to do it! And if you need some pressed flowers they are in the online marketplace as well!
How do you feel about blank wax seal stamps? Are they a must-have wax stamp in your collection? Let me know in the comments. 
Happy wax seal making!! 

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