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Article: Weekly Adobe Illustrator Tips for Lettering Artists

Weekly Adobe Illustrator Tips for Lettering Artists

Alright lettering friends, this one is for you! I’m excited to start sharing weekly Illustrator tips with you! For those that aren’t familiar Adobe Illustrator is a design software that allows you to create vector artwork. Let’s talk about why learning Adobe Illustrator is important for you as a lettering artist!

Three reasons learning Adobe Illustrator is a smart move as an artist and as a business owner.

1️⃣ Creating your lettering in a vector format will allow you to scale your lettering as large or as small as you want without loosing quality.

2️⃣ Having vector versions of your lettering allows you to mass produce your work. Instead of doing each lettering piece by hand, you can do it once and them duplicate it instantly.

3️⃣ Illustrator is the industry standard. If you want to start licensing your lettering or collaborating with big brands you need to be able to use the same software that the rest of the industry is using.

I’ll be sharing Adobe Illustrator tips each week to help you grow as an artist and business owner. I’ve been using Illustrator for 15+ years as a designer and it is hands down my favorite Adobe program! I’m excited to share the things I love about Illustrator with all of you as well as share some tried and true tips that will make your creative process easier as a lettering artist!


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